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1The cotton head of the cotton swab shall be uniform in color, and the plastic rod shall be smooth without burr.

2The weight of the dry cotton head of the cotton swab soaked in iodophor disinfectant shall not be less than 20g per hundred pieces.

3The cotton head shall be formed evenly and shall not be separated from the cotton head.

4Iodophor disinfectant shall be qualified products provided by qualified manufacturers. Its effective iodine content should be 0.45% - 0.55%.

5 The iodophor cotton swab shall be sealed and packed without leakage.

6 The performance of degreased cotton used for iodophor cotton swab shall meet the requirements of YY 0330-2002 standard.

7 Iodophor swabs should be sterile.



Medical iodophor cotton swabs


6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 18cm, 20cm


100% Nature pure cotton


it is made of iodophor disinfectant and medical cotton swab.


For disinfecting the whole skin before injection and infusion.

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