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1180°large viewing windows, good vision, effective comfort.

2Polycarbonate lens, effective protection against impact damage, blocking 99% ultraviolet light.

3Glasses can be worn inside together with goggles.

4Indirect vent design to prevent fog and increase wear comfort.

5Adjustable headband, more comfortable.

6Soft face frame and nose pad fit better, more comfortable.

7Anti-fog coating.

8For Asian face design, better engagement with breathing apparatus.

High transmittance lens

High definition enhances the transparent lens design to maintain the clarity of vision in a complex environment.

Strong impact resistance

Polycarbonate lens can effectively prevent iron dust, gravel and other things from splashing and damaging the eyes.

UV protection

The lens is made of aerospace polycarbonate, which is commonly used in the helmet of astronauts. It has good transparency, heat resistance and abrasion resistance, and can resist strong ultraviolet rays.

Light weight without pressure

The goggles made of aerospace polycarbonate, light and comfortable, and won't be tired after wearing for a long time.

Allow to wear the small frame myopia glasses

Lens anti-fog coating

Before: 100 boiled water is evaporating towards the goggles, and the water mist rapidly due to the temperature difference.

After: the lens surface is attached with anti fog coating, which can effectively prevent the formation of water mist.

Artificial mechanical fit design

The nose clip reduces the burden on the bridge of the nose, making it more comfortable to wear and more difficult to slide

Adjustable lace up for a variety of face shapes

Ventilation design prevents lens from fogging and obstructing vision.


Product Parameter



Product name

1621/1621A Shock-proof goggles

Product certification

LA certification, ANSI Z87.1-2010 certification

Main material

Polycarbonate lenses, Vinyl frames





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