R&D Capacity

R&D Capacity

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Research & Development

There are more than 5 technical persons in the R&D center of Henan Lande Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, including Material Engineer, Medical engineer to improve technique and innovation ability continuously.

In order to promote our competitive strength, we absorb the advanced technology at home and abroad and integrate into our products, leading the company into an innovative field. Cooperating with the high school and the R&D institutes, we always keep a long time relationship with China Medical University and Henan Medical University,Henan Industry University.

Investing huge money into technology innovation and research, we have put 10% of annual income into product development, which emphasis is perfect research technology as well as develop, produce equipment, and accelerate the production  scale of high technology products.

With a scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory, our company has become a machinery manufacture and export base in China.